Friday, May 14, 2010

Insecure Much?

Beth Moore. Don't you want to have a one-on-one coffee date with her? She seems like the bosom friend type. I just know we'd get along great.

My friend, Karen, gave me this book. I know! Isn't that uncool?! Nice hint, K! Jeez Louise!

(I'm just giving Karen gas for fun. She is actually one of those people who is always others-centered and thoughtful. She's the kind of person that you can be really, really, real with. She doesn't shy away from the raw stuff of life and doesn't expect anyone to be Paul or Penny Perfect. I absolutely love people like Karen with whom my soul can relax.)

OK, so this book that Karen got to me because she apparently thinks I'm hobbling through life crippled by anxiety, self-consciousness, and disquietude in spirit...

Pfff! *snort* As if!

Turns out, she's right.


I didn't know I was insecure. Seriously. I have always felt pretty confident, you know? Solid in the Love of God the Father, OK about myself, loved by family, and generally safe in friendships (barring a few yucky ones, but most of those have been healed over the years, praise Jesus!). But, reading So Long, Insecurity was like getting harpooned.

For me, it went like this: Read. Enjoy. Read more. Gasp! Ouch! Put it down. Walk away. Think. Pray. Walk back. Repeat.

"Some of us never seek healing from God for our insecurities because we feel like we don't fit the profile. We think insecurity only looks one way - mousy, maybe even inept - and that's not exactly who we see in the mirror. At least not once the mascara's on. And it certainly is not the woman we present to the public. Insecurity's best cover is perfectionism. That's where it becomes an art form."

So Long, Insecurity is filled with rich wisdom about the sources of our insecurity, how it plays out in our daily lives, and how to be free of it.

It's a messy book. It totally wrecked me - in a good way... The kind of wrecking that needed to happen. I highly recommend that you don't sit down to it without a box of tissues and a plan to redo your makeup when you're done.

But, read it. You'll be glad you did. I am.

Thanks, Beth! Thanks, Karen!


  1. HAHA!! You are such a cool person! :) A DEAR DEAR friend!! I will stroke your ego anytime, with Haushusband's permission, of course! :)

  2. Want so much to read this one!! :) Better move it towards the top of my list!

  3. Oh my!!!! looks like I need to read this one. Better put it at the top of my list of books to get and read. Judy Ambrose

  4. You are an absolutely amazing person and I am very grateful to call you a friend! I will definitely read this book, and thank you for your candor, insight and honesty. Mwaaa!

  5. i bought this a few months ago and it's been stting on my huge pile of must read soon to start. sniff.


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