Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Oldie But Goodie... Vanidad Goeth Before La Caída

Just for laughs... here's a rerun of a funny that happened last year.

Out to dinner in Cancún with my muchacho caliente, our waiter shyly asked me

"Are you a model?"

which put a little blush on my cheeks and some wind in my sails...

"Oh no, no, no... Gracias, señor!"

Then he put his hands out in the "I once caught a fish this big" position about nine inches on either side of his hips

and asked...

"Plus size?"

I didn't cry. Although it would have been awesome to make a huge scene bursting into tears and running out of the restaurant just for fun...

Seriously, though,

I'm boycotting that whole country now.


That'll show 'im.

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