Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Slammin' Saturday Night

Last Saturday night, Sweetpea got a doozie owie.

Long story short, her right middle finger got slammed in a glass door which...

acted like a guillotine leaving her with a compound fracture between the last knuckle and the nail. We learned later was very nearly an amputation!

Zonked out waiting for x-ray results
with her Nana Blankie and her two teddybears

Poor little sweetie! I'm not going to share all the disgustivo pictures that Haus took of her finger all bloody and sticking out at a horribly unnatural angle because EEWWWWWW! (It's a Man Thing.) But, here's the sad x-ray.

As usual, Sweetpea was incredibly charming and hysterical at the ER, cracking up the nurses and the doctor. The surgery was brutal, though. I'm still beating myself up about not listening to the Holy Spirit when I knew He told me to choose sedation. Holding her through it was punishment to last a lifetime.

Right at the worst part, when the surgeon was stitching through her fingernail causing pressure against the severed bone (which the local anaesthetic didn't numb) and intense pain, she shouted at him,

"FIRST of all, that HURTS me!
And, SECOND of all...


Oh, my little love cannot help being funny, even in the worst pain of her life!

"I want you to STOP that immediately!
And, I want to go HOME
ABSOLUTELY immediately!"

It was "super no fun", but she did beautifully. Her finger is thankfully intact, although looking remarkly Frankensteiny. Prayerfully, her fingernail was not damaged too severely and will grow back.

Very excited about her cool bandage.

(Funny for the Naughty Files:
In the morning, she was so excited to show off to her baby sister.

"Cupcake! Look! This is my owie!
The doctor did a surgery
and it really dammit hurt!")


  1. SIGH .... precious baby. :( Precious HYSTERICAL baby girl!!!!! :) SO glad to hear things are healing well. Seriously, my friend .... are you headed ANYwhere east in the coming future? :) Well, at least over several states East of you. :) Love ya, Shelly

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! POOR little lady!! I cannot BELIEVE that happened!! I can only imagine the panic and chaos in your house! I am so glad she is doing better!

  3. Thank you for the play by play, I was cracking up at her great comments! Glad you all made it through!

  4. oh..oh..:( so sad for her. although she is SO funny, even in the midst of that sad story i was cracking up . i hope she is feeling better very soon. what a brave little one. :)

  5. Oh my, that last quote....too funny.

    I hope she is already feeling lightyears better....what an incredibly brave girl you have. Hey and at least he didn't use her D word on the doc! ;o)


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